Sunday, 12 February 2017

Almost like Hastings

The group's first game for the year was a 28mm Dark Age Hail Caesar game.

In this game the Vikings have joined forces with the Saxons in an attempt to repel the Norman invaders.

At the start. Vikings and then Saxons on the ridge. Normans on the flat.

Part of the Saxon line.

The masses of Norman cavalry charge up the hill into the waiting Saxons.

The Saxon line is pushed back.

Norman Command.

The Viking Command.

The Norman foot wait for the Vikings to come off the ridge.

The Norman cavalry was concentrated on the Saxon right flank.

The Vikings and the unengaged Saxons move off the ridge and take the battle to Normans below.

The fight continues right along the line.

Slowly the Norman foot units are forced back but at the other end of the battle the Saxons are being pushed off the ridge by all that Norman cavalry.

In the end the Norman cavalry were too strong for the Saxons and Vikings and so this "Hastings like" battle also went the way of the Normans.


  1. Wow! That looked fantastic guys. Well done.

  2. Great battle scenes, good colors
    :) Stout bearded faces and photos.
    interesting position, Saxons and Vikings, against the Normans