Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Williamite war at Conquest 2016

Last Saturday some of the lads put on a demo game at this years Conquest wargaming event. Each year we try to put on something different for our demo games and this year it was a game from the Williamite war.

There were some lovely painted units involved in this game, so much so that I spent more time taking photos of units rather than the game itself. I'm not too sure about who is who so I am not going to attempt a report. Except to say that there was attacks on the flanks between various mounted units after which the infantry moved forward to finish things off.

The figures are from the collections of David, Wayne and Geoff. All Front Rank figures too, I think.
David also hand painted the flags for his units.

Rules used were slightly modified Rank and File rules.


  1. The units look great, but I'm really impressed with the flags.

  2. The Williamite flags were hand-painted by David 'Tex' Houston and the Irish Jacobite flags are by Warfare Miniatures. The Jacobites had slightly superior cavalry and managed to see off the Williamite cavalry on the flanks, but sadly for me, the superior Williamite foot regiments forced the Jacobite infantry to retire in the centre, thus winning the battle. However, I've got more Jacobite foot units under the brush, so 'Our day will come!'

  3. Stunning battle show.
    A great image cavalcade
    In particular, flags are worth a special mention

  4. Very pretty! And I daresay I recognise some of those troops!

  5. Excellent game. Fantastic painting and pics.