Friday, 3 April 2015

WW1 Bolt Action

Last Wednesday night's game was a WW1 action using the Bolt Action rules.

The British were in defence with the Germans attacking.

There were several objectives for the Germans including capturing a British gun battery, capturing the British command post and getting troops of the British side of the table. All of these were worth points to both the British and the Germans.

The British gun battery
 The British set up first and the Germans could enter anywhere along their base line or along either flank of the table.

The British command was marked by the tents.
 A short line of trenches had already been damaged and would only provide soft cover for the British.
 German artillery moving up using the hill as cover along with a couple of German infantry units equipped with flame throwers.
 Some of the Germans attacked from their right flank and quickly removed one British units stationed in the woods.
 More Germans advanced through the woods in the centre of the battlefield.
 Off table artillery did not help the British. They ended up shelling their own men and in fact , I think, they were more successful than the Germans were with their off table artillery at killing Brit's.( No Germans were harmed with off board artillery)

 With the help of the British artillery the Germans overran the advanced British units in the centre
 and were soon ready for an assault on the trench line. The Brit tank came under fire from the German mortar making the crew somewhat reluctant to do any firing.
On the British left flank, the Germans dispatched the defenders and quickly took the points for the guns and raced one unit of the edge of the table.

For the British the game was all but over. Unable to stem the tide any longer the British began to bug out.

A fun game even though the British were generally unable to roll the dice they needed.

Thanks to David for running the game and providing most of the troops.


  1. Great looking game, the trench system looks good and they're always tricky to model on top of the table like that. Sounds like the British got a lesson in "Storm Troopering"!

  2. Bolt Action WW1...? Now there's a thought...
    Sounds like a good game :)