Sunday, 30 November 2014

In the heat of the Sudan.

Last weeks game with the boys was set in the Sudan. The Anglo-Egyptian army was out to capture a Mahdist held town before nightfall.

The target for the Brit's.

 The Mahdists set up a defensive line through some rough ground and awaited the onslaught of the British.
Some Mahdists waiting in the town.

Horses and camels covering the centre.

 The British and the Egyptians advanced towards the waiting Mahdists. When they were within range the Mahdists rushed out and charged into the enemy.
 The Mahdists charged several times but they all went the way of the British with the Mahdists suffering heavy casualties.

 The British lines held against these attacks and after a while the Mahdists withdrew back through the rough ground and reformed their lines for the next stage in the British advance.

 Now the British could continue their advance again.

Cavalry and skirmishers clash on the flank.

The town seems a long way off at this stage.

 With the British moving off toward the rough ground the Mahdists charged in again where they could, and managed to hurt some of the Egyptian units.
 The British army was hurting but so were the Mahdists. The locals were being slowly forced back.
Time was up and the British were almost there. A gun boat had appeared on the river complete with a couple of Highland units ready to disembark and add their weight to the fight. This battle was over but in the morning the British would have an easy time mopping up any remaining Mahdist troops and then walking into the town.

Rules used were V&B. All troops are from Adrian's collection.


  1. Excellent report with beautiful figures...and an amazing terrain!

  2. Fantastic pictures!
    Amazing looking game and lovely collection of figures and terrain :)

  3. Hip Hip Hooray for the Empire, those Fuzzy Wuzzies dont like it up 'em!