Sunday, 27 January 2013

A SYW game

Last weekend a few of the Southern Strategists got together for a SYW bash.

All the figures are from Chris Packer's collection and the rules we used were "Die Kriegskunst".

 The Prussians were charged with attacking an Austrian held village in the centre of the table.

The Prussian centre marches toward the Austrian lines.

Austrians defending the village church.

Prussian cavalry attempting to outflank the Austrian lines.

The Prussian right steaming toward the waiting Austrians.

Austrian cavalry coming to face the Prussian horse.

The first of several cavalry clashes this day.

Slow progress against the Austrians and some Prussian reserves getting into the action.

After several hours gaming the Prussians were very slowly pushing the Austrians back. With things going marginally in favour of the Prussians the Austrians conceded and began to abandon the field to the Prussians.

An excellent game and an awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thanks guys.


  1. nice AAR, The table looked awesome with all those figures ranked up.

  2. Great looking game! Thanks for sharing all the pics.

  3. Great looking game. Some excellent looking figures.

  4. Lovely pics. Hopefully the Austrians failure wasn't a result of the High Command imbibing too much Bourbon & Coke.

    1. Thanks mate, I've been waiting for someone to notice! The Bourbon was the real objective Gav!

  5. I knew there must have been a method in your madness for supplying what I consider to be 'mother's milk'! That Bourbon was mighty tastie and it certainly topped off the afternoon...but I think we Austrians were beaten by a greater concentration of troops and better dice rather than being plied with alcohol....but feel free to try that ploy any time! Looking forward to a few more Sunday afternoon games throughout the year as an extra bonus to our fortnightly Wednesday bashes.

  6. Nice looking game - very 18th century in its linear style.

  7. Great pictures here! Lines of troops are impressive!