Sunday, 18 November 2012

Zulu Attack

For this game, again fought some time ago, we used the Black Powder rules. Turned out to be one of the shortest games we have ever fought!

  The British are defending the hill with only a few stone walls, some mealie bags and a couple of wagons between them and the masses of Zulus.
 Only the left flank Zulu command managed to roll low enough to move for the first 2 - 3 turns, but it didn't take long for them to over run the camp!
 After 3 turns. The left flank is in the camp, the right flank has made one move toward the British defenders and the centre is still yet to move an inch!

 Having finished off the camp's defenders the Zulu left horn moves onto the British on the hill.
 Finally the rest of the Zulus roll low enough to move and with getting a triple move are on the defenders before they can blink.

The melees from this move more or less ended the hopes of the British of surviving this encounter. Only a handful remained and they soon ran off!


  1. Nice AAR. Love the figures. Makes me think I should start some British colonial shernannigans!

  2. Very nice looking table and figures. Thanks for the AAR.

  3. Nice pics and an interesting report. Do you think the rules handled the conflict appropriately? Was the result as you would have anticipated?

  4. I think the game could have been set up better. The poor guy who worked out the forces etc had the scenario dumped on him at the last minute!
    If the Zulus get a triple move it can be very hard for the Brit's. Personally I think there are better rules for the Zulu war than BP!

  5. Well said Mr Wood. Those blasted Black Powder rules and that ridiculous triple move saw my stout chaps overun before they could get a shot at the blighters. Completely negates the rapid firing advantage which is the hallmark of Brit Colonial forces. I'd like to have another crack at those jolly Zulus using Battles for Empire rules...then you'd see what disciplined firepower can do eh what!

    Capt Ogilvie
    East Surreys

  6. Fantastic as always guys. I have nominated you for a Liebster award, maybe you'll update the 'Strategists blog a bit more frequently :)



  7. Nice report, and fantastic pictures! The table and the minis are really impressive...