Monday, 11 April 2011


This is the first posting (hence, the reveille title) of the Southern Strategist Wargaming Group blog. We are a small band of six middle-aged miniature warfare enthusiasts (with one 9-year old member of our Cadet Corps) based in Christchurch, New Zealand...a city where people have recently taken on the James Bond mantra of being 'shaken, not stirred.'

Our current group has been gaming together for over 13 years and hope to be doing so well into our retirement.
We meet for fortnightly games at the 'Redwood Redoubt' where a variety of periods are fought over from battles of ancient Rome through to the Vietnam conflict. Our scales of choice are usually 15 and 28mm battles, although we also use 20mm figures for World War Two encounters. We have recently been seduced into Napoleonic naval gaming in 1/700 scale.

We focus on providing enjoyable and well-presented social games where well-constructed terrain and beautifully  painted figures are more important than attitudes of 'win at all cost' type competition gaming. Our meetings are social occasions where we not only get to move our precious armies around, but take time out to  chat and have the odd ale and whiskey with like-minded fellows while discussing the latest figures releases and solving the problems of the world. It's such escapism that keeps us sane.

We are renowned for putting on visually innovative demonstration games at local wargaming conventions each year and pride ourselves on stimulating public interest in the hobby.

This blog has been created to record our gaming exploits and to share our efforts with fellow gamers around the world.We hope you enjoy the reports of our games that will be forthcoming and look forward to any comments you wish to make.

Tally Ho!          

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