Saturday 17 June 2017

TMWWBK Zulu game

Our last game was our first group game of TMWWBK rules from Osprey.

Zulus attacking the British in a defencive position much like Rorke's Drift.

The British have set up a defencive perimeter making use of the buildings as well as the stone walls and a dried up pond. The wagon loads of supplies have been piled to form  barricades and the empty wagons have also been employed to fill some gaps.

 The British setup behind their barricades and await the rush of the Zulus.

 The British realise they can't defend at every point but wait to see where the Zulus will attack .
 When the Zulus appear on the horizon, the British decide to pull back to a towards the stone kraals.
 The Zulu attacks are coming from three sides.
 While the British pull back  in front of the advancing Zulus more Zulus, armed with firearms, on the hills above, begin to pick off some of the defenders.
 Some of the Zulu units are keen for action and race off after the retreating British troops.
Zulus making use of the barricades before leaping over them to charge at the British.
 Other Zulu units are not as keen to get into the fighting.
 The initial attacks are pushed back by the British, but there is always more Zulus following up.
British command directing the defence.

 With the help of the snipers another Zulu charge  finds success and force the British back.

 A unit of British troops are in deep trouble. Almost surrounded by Zulus they try to shoot it out.
 More charges and more good shooting from the hills is depleting the British numbers.
 The exposed British unit slowly retreats as it's numbers dwindle.
 Eventually they make it back behind the barricades with their friends......
 .....but there are several units of Zulus charging toward them.
 Desperate stuff for the British as the Zulus cross over the barricades.
A British unit has been forced to turn and face the Zulus that have crossed the wall of supplies.
 The Zulus are forced back over the barricade and the shooting from the British units at the walls forces the other Zulu units to fall back.
As these latest Zulu attacks melt away a British cavalry column appears on the horizon. Time is up for the Zulus. The British have held on for the win.

This game was largely based on the Rorke's Drift game found here.


  1. Fantastic terrain, a great looking game Rodger!

  2. Awesome game and great fun. I never doubted for a minute that the Brits would hold....NOT🇬🇧😄

    1. Keep away from those crack shot snipers next time!

  3. Great work, nice game.
    In the 60's a few really awesome movies
    Zulu was one, Ben Hur, Navarone guns...

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